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The Truth Of Why Women Have Curves

Ever wanted to know why women have curves and men don’t? The theory is simple. In the beginning,God created man is his own image but created woman from the rib of man. Take a look at ribs,notice how they are curved? This  is why women have curves because they were created from a rib. Think about it and let it marinate in your mind. This is just my opinion and theory,do don’t have a fit or be angry with it.


They do not judge us or laugh at us.

They do not condemn or complain.

They do not criticize or comfort us.

They do not bully or tease us. 

They do not unfriend or block us.

They can not leave hurtful comments.

They can not post or share.

They can not tweet,skype,text,or inbox us.

They can be our best friend or worst enemy. 

When shattered or broken,they can give us seven years of bad luck.

When shattered or broken,they can not be repaired.

They never lie.

They always tell the truth.

They inspire us to make a change.

They show what lies inside all of us.

Sweater Weather: Ryan River Sessions

Debby Ryan is absolutely amazing! If they were to make her into a doll or an action figure,she’d have more accessories than Barbie and G.I. Joe put together. But if they ever do,they’d better make sure that every Debby Ryan doll comes with a ukelele. She has been blessed with an amazing voice. Watch the video and see for yourselves why this woman is amazing.

The Real Help

The Help was and is an excellent film, but I rarely watch it. Not because of the strong racial overtones,but because my late great-great grandmother,great-grandmother and great aunts were “The Help”. What I found to be kind of a tribute was that Octavia Spencer’s character had the same first name as my late great-grandmother Minnie. But back to what I was saying, my great relatives were the help so that no one in my family would not have to be. The sacrifices that they made,the prayers that they prayed,the injustice and inequality that they endured,opened many doors for us. The stories that my great-grandmother used to tell me still echo through my mind.It’s too bad that she and the rest of my long gone relatives were not able to see the doors that they opened and to have their prayers answered or to witness an African-American become President Of The United States. We’re still waiting for a Native-American to run for president (That would be awesome). They would’ve been proud,just like I’m proud of the sacrifices that they made for us. My grandmother still tells me the stories about my relatives so that I will not forget who I am and where I came from.

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